eTime: Engineering Technology-based Innovation in Medicine

The eTime - Engineering Technology-based Innovation in Medicine (Project reference: 318943) is research project supported by the European Union FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IRSES - Marie Curie Action "International Research Staff Exchange Scheme" program.

The project seeks to establish and reinforce long-term research cooperation through a coordinated joint programme of exchange of researchers with the end goal of creating an international EU-NZ research consortium focused on creating innovative new technologies and solutions to improve care and productivity (reducing cost) in intensive and acute care to meet the growing demand for and cost of care.

Core Objective Projects (COP): The proposed programme will create a sustainable MBT consortium with all required core competencies by focusing on three main project areas from concept to clinical implementation to create strong, sustainable linkages. In each case, these COP projects build off existing NZ capabilities and look to work with EU partners to extend them to EU clinical practice culture, as well as create critical mass for extended clinical testing and proof. Specific COP outlines include: 

  1. Accurate Glycemic Control (AGC) and Metabolic System Dynamics

  2. Mechanical Ventilation (MV) and Pulmonary Mechanics

  3. Cardiovascular / Circulatory Support (CVS) and Cardiovascular Hemodynamics

The participating EU partners are: 

1) Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary; BME);

2) University of Liège (Belgium; ULG);

3) Hochschule Furtwangen University (Germany; HFU).

The third-country participant is the University of Canterbury (New Zealand; UC).

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