Accurate Glycemic Control (AGC) and Metabolic System Dynamics

  1. Problem: Poor glycemic control contributes to increased cost and mortality. Patient variability makes current clinical protocols ineffective.

  2. Solution: A patient-specific, model-based method to guide therapy, improving care and outcome.

  3. Current Research Status: the UC team have developed unique, clinically validated models of metabolism in critical illness and used them to create novel protocols for AGC that have already undergone initial testing and trials in Belgium and Hungary. This work requires research investment in software and automation, as well as extended clinical trials.

  4. Goal: Automate existing effective methods for use in EU participant clinical partner hospitals to transfer and extend this technology solution.

  5. Major Research Tasks:

  • Transfer modeling and computational technology to EU participants

  • Develop automation and software platforms for nursing use

  • Trial and optimise protocols and interfaces for EU partners

  • Clinical trials to prove safety, efficacy and improvements in patient outcomes.

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